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Score – 68%


Data Results
Site URL
Benchmarking Date Nov 2016
Category Education
Sector Public
Action Volunteer


Benchmarking Results

Design Score 27%
Followed Trend 10%
Overall Identity 20%
Main Colors 30%
Color Balance 10%
Font Representation 55%
Padding and White Space 40%
Usability Score 60%
FI (First Impression) 10%
Component Alignment 50%
Search Usability 85%
Content Usability 65%
Error Alerting 60%
Help and Guidance 55%
Site Main Idea 95%
Content Score 81%
Content Quality 70%
Content Coherence 81%
Content Sequence 90%
Homogeneous Content 83%
Compatibility Score 91%
Smartphone Compatibility 85%
Tablet Compatibility 90%
Overall Cross Device 87%
Cross Browser 95%
Cross Platform 96%
Cross Browser Version 95%
Performance Score 74%
Website Load Test 75%
Home Page Media 60%
Smartphone Friendly 88%
Interactivity Score 71%
Content Interactivity 76%
Visitor / Site Interaction 68%
Visitor / Site Owner Interaction 80%
Alerting 55%
Social Media 78%
Accessibility Score 64%
Overall Web Accessibility 70%
Design Elements Accessibility 60%
Content Accessibility 62%
SEO Score 76%
Permalinks 65%
Vanity Links 40%
Media Contents 95%
Meta Tags Quality 98%
Site Trrafic 80%
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