Webenchmark Created/Managed Website GUI Rating and Benchmarking Criteria

As change became a normal trend in the internet world, many standards, criteria and best practice points and guidelines arised by different official and non official parties trying to shape a baseline trend for a most successful professional online work in regards to the target it was built for.

For that, many profit and non profit organisations came into play the rule of benchmarking websites in the form of either awarding a certificate of excellence or publishing ranking charts. Among those organisations, not much who reveals the actual criteria where the major work should be done by the expert who will check a website against this criteria although most of that services are paid services and that what we did’t like and that what we eventually intend to change.

In WB, we believe that we should make the internet a better place for showing up your business and for serving people. For public and government sectors, it’s the right of the audience to get the most out the website of the government organisation, we try to help in that and we Do Not ask for a money charge, although we humbly ask you to help us spread our services in exchange.

And to be confident in our proficiency and expertise, we listed frankly the criteria we use to rank any website no matter it’s scale is. The criteria we use is comprehensive and covers most areas. (Percentage on circle meters are dummy just for design purpose).


Design Criteria

In this category, we focus on the overall look and feel of the website.

How your website follows or comes closer to one of the popular design trends.

How clear is your layout design identity.

How your sub-pages or sub-sites under main domain conforms to the main identity.

Benchmarking quality of the color you used as the main color for your identity.

How colors are balanced through your website.

Benchmarking your font style selection and representation.

How your content is well padded and spaced out.


Usability Criteria

Usability means how far your website has succeeded in delivering the message you want to the visitor and how easy it is for your audience to navigate your site and make use of the services you provide.

How your main site message is delivered through first impression.

How components such as search box or services are placed the way they serve the main business of the site.

How search box is used for better serving usability.

How easy for visitors to get the message of your site from homepage content.

How navigating through your site is user friendly and serve the overall usability.

How clear is your response to an error from a user interaction.

How enough is the help and guidance you provide for site visitors relevant to services you provide.

How the main idea or main business is clear from the first impression.


In this category, we focus on benchmarking how you organised content the way that serves the main business of your site.

Content Criteria

The quality and clearance of language used to deliver the message to site visitors through out the whole site.

How content on different pages of the website relate to each other to deliver main message.

How you followed best practice in sequencing content through out pages of your website.

How your content is homogeneous across your website.


Compatibility Criteria

In this category, we benchmark the consistency of your site look and feel and functionality among different devices and platforms.

How your website shows on different smartphone popular brands.

How Your website shows on different tablet brands.

How your layout in general shows across different devices.

How your website shows across different browsers.

How your website shows across different OS and Platforms.

How your website shows in old browsers.


Performance Criteria

In this category, we benchmark your site pages and media content loading performance.

Benchmarking the loading time of different pages on your website with focus on main page.

Performance of your home page media.

Benchmarking performance of your website on smartphones.


Interactivity Criteria

In this category, we benchmark how far you made it available for a visitor to interact with you as a webmaster and the content of your website.

Benchmarking how the visitor interacts with different components on your website such as content navigation buttons, bookmarks, search, filtering content .. etc.

How visitors interacts with your website in terms of commenting, rating content, sending to a friend .. etc.

Benchmarking the ease and response of interacting with site owners or support team.

Benchmarking alert services on your website such as mailing lists and RSS.

How you use social media for interacting with your audience.


Accessibility Criteria

In this category, we focus on how far your site conforms with w3c web accessibility standards.

How your website conforms with w3c WCAG 2.0.

How your design elements such as input fields and interactive buttons helps with accessibility.

How you use different tools to make your content accessible by reading and hearing.


SEO Criteria

In this category, we focus on how far your site is SEO friendly.

How you link pages in your site the way that improves SEO.

Benchmarking content pages against vanity linking.

Benchmarking how easy for search engines to crawl content in your pages and inside displayed media.

How far you utilise meta tags to help with SEO.

Benchmarking your site traffic rank.