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Using Google Web Fonts: Your 10-Step Guide | HostGator Blog

[Intermediate] A bit of advise about using google web fonts in your website. Font representation is one of the major benchmarking criteria in rating any website. This article is not a generic article about font representation, it is about google web fonts if you wish to use more stylish and customised fonts rather [...]

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Resource – Introduction About Accessibility and Usability

[Introductory] This is an introductory small article from w3c about web accessibility and usability. It's a good start from where you could dig further in the topic. The article also defines a topic in web design which is "Inclusion". We do not include this topic in our rating and benchmarking since the website should [...]

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Resource – The 9 Graphic Design Trends You Need to Be Aware of In 2016

[Intermediate - Advanced] This is a great article about graphics design in general not specifically web design. The article will guide you through most used 2016 design trends such as flat design, geometric shapes, spacing elements .. etc. If you read the full post, you will get the flavor of the current wide [...]

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