Because this is a volunteer based service, we dont need much information from you and you dont have to submit much of details about your website either. Instead of letting you go through many fields to feedback about your site, however, your site should tell us the whole story from the very first moment browsing through it, it’s one of the key factors in benchmarking your site. For that, the information we need from you is just the url of the site, that’s it.

Step 1

Submit your basic information as shown on the form below.

The email you specify should proof your ownership or responsibility over the website you are requesting to be benchmarked, example, you submit [] the email of contact you specify should be like [] or [] as an example, in fact, we will not accept examples such as [] or [] for example.

Step 2

After sending your request, we will manually send you email to confirm your authority on the website you specified.

Step 3

Wait for us to review and benchmark your site. This is the main step here and it takes a while so please be patient. While we review your site, we might contact you if we have any questions, in case you didn’t reply, this will affect your overall benchmark score so please be alerted.

Step 4

After we benchmark your site, we will send you link to your email for a web page on our website that will host your site benchmarking results. We will ask you also to host a link for that page on your home page with the code we will provide at then. However, if you decide not to host a link to your page results on our site, we will not force you to do so but our services to you will stop right here. Supporting us by referring to our site, will let us help you further by giving you some tips to enhance your benchmark.


By Clicking "Send" button you agree to the following rules:
This service is a volunteer service, means you accept it as delivered to you without your right to request or enforce any requests or change to the service unless you have specific needs which might be discussed out of the free benchmarking service.
You accept that we announce your website rating results on public pages on our website only hiding your confidential contact information if requested by you.
You will refer to our service whenever linking to the benchmarking results page on our site.
We have the right to accept or refuse reviewing your website.

Check here if you accept these terms.